The following is a collection of transcripts for the upcoming film Buddy Movie.

Teaser trailer

(MPAA green screen)

(Future Proof by Massive Attack starts playing.)

(Shows the Paramount Pictures logo in the end of its animation.)

(Fades to Jonathan Buddy's bedroom and cuts to a scene where we pan to his alarm clock, which changes from 6:59 to 7:00, ringing loudly. Buddy's hand bangs on the clock multiple times.)

(The screen turns black.)

Text: meet buddy

(Buddy is slowly dragging himself out of bed. We see a short montage of Buddy getting ready for his morning.)

Text: a typical youngster

(Shows Buddy walking out the front door.)

Text: who is waiting

Text: to uncover

(We see Buddy sweeping trash on the pavement by his neighbor's house. He eventually sweeps some empty chip bags out of the way of a manhole to find a green light flashing inside it.)

Text: the answer

Text: to his mysterious life

(Buddy climbs down a ladder into the manhole, wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes. Once he is at the bottom, he finds and walks down a long hall which leads to a round empty room where a glowing green crystal ball is standing on top of the room's pedestal. Buddy approaches the ball and slowly reaches out to touch it. After he does so, the light turns white and blinds the whole camera view. We fade from there to see the film's logo. Later, the title fades out and we nothing but an empty black screen for a couple of seconds. Finally, the text "unlocking our world NOVEMBER 2016 in 3D and 2D theaters" fades in, followed by the logos, copyright, and website.)

Theatrical trailer #1

(MPAA green screen)

More coming soon!