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Elf Work: Complete Motion Picture Score is the unreleased soundtrack album for the 2006 DJW Studios film Elf Work. It was released on promotional Compact Disc on April 27, 2006. A zip folder containing the complete score of the film was made available for free download on the Rubix Records website on February 16, 2011.

The score was composed by John Debney.

Track listing

  1. The North Pole
  2. Santa's Elves
  3. Report Cards
  4. Destruction Pancake - Puffy AmiYumi (snowball fight song)
  5. Busted
  6. I Can Count on You - True Vibe (love song)
  7. Jack and James
  8. Jack's Desire
  9. Building a Boat
  10. Escape
  11. Speed of Sound - Coldplay (ocean travel song)
  12. How Much Farther?
  13. Miami
  14. Superstar - Jamelia
  15. Weather Report
  16. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town - George Strait (roll call song)
  17. Susie's Departure
  18. Asking for Directions
  19. The City Bus
  20. Hotel Search
  21. Hallway Chase
  22. Susie's Story
  23. The Cops
  24. Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard (chase song)
  25. The Bottomless Pit, Part 1
  26. The Bottomless Pit, Part 2
  27. Uh-Oh
  28. A Knock at the Door
  29. Cindy Kidnaps Santa
  30. Play My Game - The Donnas (battle song)
  31. Stay Cool... Okay, Warm
  32. Meet Jack Frost
  33. Jack Frost Strikes
  34. Tyson and Joe
  35. Hoverboard N' Sleigh Chase
  36. Cindy's Castle
  37. All Our Old Friends, Frozen
  38. Abominable Snowmen
  39. To Action!
  40. The Climatotron Goes Backwards
  41. Santa Confronts Cindy
  42. Setting Things Right / Let's Go Home
  43. A Reward for the Elves
  44. Summertime - Aaron Carter Feat. Baha Men (celebration song)
  45. Leader of the Pack (Wub Machine Remix) - The Shangri-Las (end credits/bloopers song)
  46. The Weather - Built to Spill (end credits song)