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Garreck Hansen &
Michael Grusby
Self drawing of Garreck Hansen and Michael Grusby in 2014


March 31, 1968 (age 48)
Tuscon, Arizona

March 21, 1965 (age 51)
Oakland, California


Film directors

Years active


Garreck Hansen and Michael Grusby are American film and television directors. Hansen and Grusby met each other while at the Rubix Entertainment film studio in Cincinnati, Ohio.

They are best known for being the co-directors of several stick figure animated films from DJW Studios, including their highest-grossing stick figure films Tony Tom-Tom's Delivery Service (2003) and Steamin' Hot (2004). They were also the co-creators of the spin-off shows The Landrums (2005-2006), Steamin' Hot: Cartoon Adventures (2008-present), and Tony Tom-Tom's Special Delivery Show (2008-2010), all of which aired on Dot Comedy.

Popular non-DJW Studios media created by Garreck Hansen and Michael Grusby include two live-action films Moon Station (1992) and Chef House (2002), as well as live action comedy television series such as Dot Comedy's Back2School (December 2006 - May 2009) and A Typical Day at the YMCA (November 2007 - July 2009).

All of their projects received strong commercial and critical success.




Title Original run Original channel Roles
The Landrums 2002-2003 CBS Co-creators with Damen Walker
Back2School 2006-2009 Dot Comedy Creators
A Typical Day at the YMCA 2007-2009 Dot Comedy Creators
Steamin' Hot: Cartoon Adventures 2008-2015 CBS Co-creators with Damen Walker
Tony Tom-Tom's Special Delivery Show 2008-2010 NBC Co-creators with Damen Walker
MYZVIT 2010-2012 Dot Comedy Creators