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Hacker is a 2014 direct-to-video traditionally animated stick figure sci-fi action comedy film directed by Damen Walker and co-written by Chance S.. The film is a semi-sequel to the 2013 theatrical film Drive from Cyberdoom, and it centers on three boys named Adam, Skyler, and Hoversky. They are sucked through their new laptop into a portal to the future, where they meet a diabolical hacker who plots to hack every computer system in the universe in order to contaminate both the computers and the real world with destructive viruses, so the boys have to stop him. Paramount Home Media Distribution released the film on DVD and Blu-ray on November 17, 2014.

Voice cast

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The soundtrack album was released digitally and on CD by Rubix Records on November 17, 2014, the same day as the film's release. The score was composed by Bear McCreary.

  1. Computer Store
  2. Solar-Powered, Indestructible Mega Laptop 4082
  3. Take It Home / Main Titles
  4. Desktop Portal
  5. Great x 5 Grandson
  6. Hacker's Break-In

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Main transcript

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Trailer transcripts

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  • Hacker was announced to be released in November 2014, and was originally going to be a theatrical film. Damen Walker decided to make this a direct-to-video film instead due to a lot of family-oriented animated theatrical films being released in said month.