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The following is a transcript of the 2003 film Tony Tom-Tom's Delivery Service.

Part 1: Lucius

(Shows the Universal Pictures logo)

(Shows the DJW Animation Studios logo)

(The following texts appear on a black background.)


Text: a DJW ANIMATION STUDIOS production

(Cuts to a road in the middle of the forest where we see a bunch of trucks zooming up and down numerous hills, and then shows those trucks driving towards a factory-shaped building in the middle of a clearing, pulling up at a parking lot near the factory. The drivers, who are masked men in protection suits, run to the back side of their trucks to pull boxes out, and head to the main entrance pushing dollies which hold stacks of the boxes they pulled out. We follow one of those masked men in suits through the entrance to see a large room filled with machines, gears, conveyor belts, and other gadgets.)

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